History of Trophies

& Special moments in the WVEBL

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1938-1939 Jack Sparrow Memorial Shield

Players paid a fee for each game played

3 games per night 2 divisions “Vimy” & “Dieppe” Over 14 teams played with no handicaps.

Players were ranked A,B,C,D and visiting teams matched A vs A, B vs B, C vs C and D vs D

1954–1955 Neil Bardal Trophy

-35 and up, 2 games to 200

Handicaps implemented with 10 points Win or Loss

5 points in the 60’s

Lowest handicap +40

+20 points start (Rookie)

1969–1970 Jack McLean Trophy

+40 to -30 (Grosvenor Trophy)

John (Jock) Milton Trophy

John (Jock) Milton Trophy for 3rd Place in league after playoffs

1970–1971 Harry Lockwood Trophy (Life Member)

Top 16 players in the league ranked race to 500 points – no handicap 1971–1972 Syd Spence Trophy (Life Member)

+40 to -30 High Break

Tom Hargreaves (Life Member)

Tom Hargreaves Trophy (Life Member) for -35 and up High Break


2 Division format dropped 14 teams

Lowest handicap changed from +40 to +30


2 Division format reinstated this year only 16 teams

1978–1979 St Georges Trophy

4th Place in league after playoffs

1980–1981 Jim Simm Trophy (Life Member)

Aggregate for 1st Place in regular season play


4 games a night, 2 tables all venues


Add 30 points to all handicaps and players start at -10


$2.00 a game dropped. Yearly team fees adopted

1988–1989 Warde Tulloch Trophy

Most Sportsmanlike


Subtract 30 points from all handicaps

Lowest +30, start at +20

1990–1991 Novice Trophy

open to all 1st year players

1991–1992 Ken Vincent Trophy

Most Feared

2006–2007 Ray Trinder Trophy (Life Member)

+30 to “0” (Replaces Novice Trophy)

2007–2008 Harry Lockwood Trophy

Changed to race to 700 points from 500


Changed Billiard balls to White, Yellow & Red from White, White w/spot & Red

Chuck Werner Trophy

MVP of the playoffs

2009–2010 Harry Lockwood Trophy

Back to race to 500 points from 700

2013 WVEBL welcomes the World

Hosts Americas’ Cup & Vimy Ridge Open World tournament at the Manitoba Club.

Mike Russell inaugural winner Americas’ Cup Trophy August 25-29, 2013

Robert Hall inaugural winner Vimy Ridge Trophy August 23-24, 2013


Changed to Aramith Tournament balls

Changed lowest handicap from +30 to +50

2014-2015 WVEBL welcomes the World for 2nd bi-annual

Hosts Americas’ Cup & Vimy Ridge Open World tournament at Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283.

Mike Russell winner Americas’ Cup Trophy May 24-29, 2015

Robert Hall winner Vimy Ridge Trophy May 22-23, 2015

Kevin Augusta first Canadian player ever to have a Century break in an International tournament.


Changed double baulk rule from a miss to foul.


No longer any teams playing out of St James Legion


First time in league history no play due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

March 13, 2020 in Canada was the date of the first of many shut downs.

Trophies by Player

  • Fraser Durham 26

  • Owen McIntyre 17

  • Rick Kendall 16

  • Dave Blacklaw 13

  • Shane Bartelette 12

  • Ross Metcalfe 11

  • Al Senkiw 10

  • Guy Smith 10

  • Pat Werner 7