League Property & Website

Trophies, table runners, tools

The league will take care of all trophies, regarding the engraving, repairs, etc. 

 Below, are the property of the Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards league.


1.       Jack Sparrow Memorial Shield

2.       Harry Lockwood Trophy

3.       Ward Tulloch Trophy

4.       Jack McLean Trophy

5.       Ray Trinder Trophy

6.       Tom Hargreaves Trophy

7.       Ken Vincent trophy

8.       Jim Simm Trophy

9.       John (Jock) Milton Trophy

10.    St. Georges Trophy

11.    Syd Spence Trophy

12.    Thomas Spearman Trophy

13.    Neil Bardal Trophy

14.    Peter Vosters Trophy

15.    Pan Am Cup (formerly Americas’ Cup) International Tournament Trophy

16.    Vimy Ridge International Tournament Trophy

17.    WVEBL table Runner x2 (Green with WVEBL logo one end)

18.    Americas’ Cup / Vimy Ridge table runner (White with Americas’ Cup & Vimy Ridge Logos on opposite ends)

19.    Pan Am Cup table runner.

20.    Engraving tools in Addie Chapman’s possession

21.    Pan Am High Break Trophy

22.    Pan Am MVP Trophy

23.  Statistics scribblers in possession of A.C.currently


The Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards League hereby adopts the leagues website located at https://www.wvebl.com as their official website for the Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards League.

The website is to show the leagues and player(s) records, notifications and items of general interest to the league and its players. Advertising on the site may be used to help defer any costs associated with maintenance and/or upkeep and/or supplies required to maintain the website, except the program used to create the website(s) or for league approved honorariums paid for maintaining the website.