Constitution & By-Laws

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Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards

League Constitution and By-Laws

Amended August 27, 2022


Article # 1        League Objectives Page 2

Article # 2        Allowed Teams, Fees and due date Page 2

Article # 3        Responsibilities of League Officials – Sect A to B Page 2

Article # 3        Responsibilities of League Officials – Sect C to F Page 3

Article # 3        Responsibilities of League Officials – Sect G & H Page 4

Article # 4        Honorary Life members Page 4

Article # 5        Player Obligations Page 4

Article # 6        Election of Captains and Co-Captains Page 5

Article # 7        Election of Officers Page 5

Article # 8        Meetings A to C Page 5

Article # 8        Meetings D to E Page 6

Article # 9        Rules Page 6

Article #10      Handicaps Page 7

Article #11      Playoffs and Trophy Play – Section A Page 7

Article #11      Playoffs and Trophy Play – Section B to D Page 8

Article #11      Playoffs and Trophy Play – Section E to F Page 9

Article #12      League Meetings – Section A Page 9

Article #12      League Meetings – Section B to D Page 10

Article #12      League Meetings – Section E Page 11

Article #13      Charges and Trials of a Member by a Member Page 11

Article #14      Constitution changes & failure to follow the By-Laws Page 12

Article #15      Banquet Sites Page 12

Article #16      Other Billiard Venues Page 12

Article #17      League Property – Section A Page 12

Article #17      League Property – Section B to C Page 13


Article #1         League Objectives

The objectives of the Winnipeg Veterans English Billiard League is to bring within the fold of our League every person eligible who is willing to learn, promote and play the game of English Billiards.

To ensure for the league and our teams quality players who will promote comradeship, instruct and advance the game of English Billiards, while adhering to fair play and sportsmanship at all times.

All of which we propose to do by conducting ourselves in an honorable and friendly like manner in accordance with the provisions and in conjunction with, as stated in these constitution and By-Laws which is the law supreme of our league.

Article #2         Allowed Teams, Fees & Date Due


1.         Teams are sponsored by the Veterans organizations in his or her area. Other organizations may be permitted by majority vote of the Executive and Team Captains. Team members must be members in good standing of a Veterans organization, or/and organization approved by the League Executive & Team Captains.

2.         Total League entry fees are $75.00 per player, per year. League Fees must be paid in full by November 1st of the year in which the season starts annual play.

Players or Teams who have not paid their fees by November 1st will be unable to partake in League or League Trophy play.


Article #3         Responsibilities of League Officials

Section A

League Executive Board consists of


1.         President

2.         Vice President

3.         Secretary / Treasurer

4.         Team Captains

5.         Past President

6.         Referee in Chief


 Section B

League Executive Committee consists of


1.         President

2.         Vice President

3.         Secretary / Treasurer

The League Executive committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting and will be responsible for the day to day operation of the League in consultation with the Team Captains. They will be responsible for their duties and responsibilities as identified in these By-Laws, and they as the Executive will have the authority to interpret and administer these By-Laws and enact their duties for and on behalf of the League.


Section C

Membership and Duties of the Executive Board


1.         President

2.         Vice President

3.         Secretary / Treasurer

4.         Past President

5.         Team captains


Section D         Past President


Attend all meetings and make his or her experience available to the President and the Executive.


Section E         President


1.         Call meetings as required by the Constitution and By-Laws

2.         Act as Chairman of the meetings

3.         Cosign all League cheques

4.         Appoint qualified members of the League to audit the financial statement

5.         Emcee annual League Banquet



Section F          Secretary / Treasurer


1.         Ensure that all the Teams are properly notified of all League and Captains meetings via phone or by email

2.         Keep accurate minutes of all league and Executive meetings

3.         Keep accurate records of all financial proceedings

4.         Furnish a financial report for audit at the end of each season

5.         Cosign league cheques

6.         Collect all monies owed to the league by Member(s), Team(s) and/or League registered Player(s) and deposit all monies in the league bank account

7.         Issue cheques to pay bills owed by the league

8.         Contact Team Captains at the beginning of each season and determine the number of teams which will enter the league that year

9.         Preparation of a league schedule or done by a designate

10.     Obtain a roster of Players and their handicaps from each team

11.     Furnish each Team Captain with a copy of the schedule and score cards with return address envelopes and/or email address

12.     Keep a record of team and individual player’s standings each week, along with changes in player handicaps

13.     Furnish results of each week’s play to the media

14.     Arrange for league playoffs at the end of each season

15.     Arrange schedule for individual play and trophies

16.     Arrange for the return, engraving and presentation of the trophies at the end of the season

17.     Arrange for the end of season wind up of the league

18.     Present a report & an outline of activities performed to date & what is to occur for the remainder of the season at each meeting of the league

19.     Collect team fees as determined by the league at the General meeting

20.     Assist the Web site designer(s) to keep the web site up to date and to ensure its accuracy and to ensure any fees or funds earned, associated with the web site are the property of the league


Section G         Vice President


1.         Attend all league meetings

2.         Make himself or herself familiar with the ongoing affairs of the league

3.         Serve as President-Protem, in the absence of the President

4.         Assist the President to run the meeting by ensuring there is proper decorum during the  meeting at all times


Section H         Team Captains


1.         Arrange with his or her club for the entry of his or her team into the league

2.         Undertake to either attend all league meetings, or arrange for the attendance of an alternate

3.         Notify the Secretary / Treasurer of team roster, along with their updated and/or recommended handicaps by the first week of September

4.         Forward match results and any monies to the Secretary / Treasurer PROMPTLY

5.         Arrange for the distribution of wind up tickets of his or her team, and report results and forward ticket money to the Secretary / Treasurer by due date

6.         Encourage his or her Players to improve their skills and knowledge of the game and it’s rules

7.         Post an up to date copy of the team and Players record and Players handicaps

8.         Provide the league Secretary / Treasurer with all team members name, address, phone number(s) and email address (if available)

9.         Ensure the league registration card, which also includes a waiver agreement for the web site, are properly filled in and signed and returned to the Secretary / Treasurer

10.     Ensure that all team members are paid up and in good standing with their respective club or organization

11.     Ensure that their Players are mindful of the rules and that they are taught how to properly referee a match

12.     Ensure that all Players play by the rules and those Players are to be respectful of their opponents at all times before, during and after the matches

13.     Ensure that weekly scorecards are properly submitted on time by phone, facsimile or email. All original league stat cards must be delivered to the Secretary / Treasurer by mail or hand delivered before months end for all matches played

14.     Ensure that league stats and player stats are posted in your home clubs games room


Section I           Referee in Chief


1.    Oversee referees of our league

2.    Ensure referees are Certificated and have necessary tools to properly perform their duties

3.    Undertake NEW Certifications and upgrades for those who wish to become referees or have shown knowledge to be upgraded


 Article #4         Honorary Life Members


Honorary Life Members can be bestowed upon a person who in the opinion of the league Executive board, has rendered valuable services to the amateur billiards game


Article #5         Player’s Obligations


1.         Attend team practices and improve your skill

2.         Attend the Annual General meeting

3.         Cooperate in the success of the play in any individual trophy competition you may enter by communicating with your opponent and playing your matches before the cutoff date

4.         Players must present proper conduct, are prohibited of coaching, interference, unfair conduct and/or tactics during match play

5.         During match play any coaching or interference, unfair conduct and/or tactics is to result in one warning by the referee. In the event of a second occurrence during the match, the match MAY be forfeited and awarded to the other player

6.         Ensure at all times your play and behavior towards your opponents is respectful


Article #6         Election of Team Captains & Co-Captains


A team meeting shall be called annually, with an election for each team Captain and a Co-Captain


Article #7         Election of Officers


1.         To take place at the Annual General meeting

2.         Nominations may be made and seconded from the floor

3.         Election is confirmed by a majority of the eligible votes cast of those in attendance

4.         Any eligible member who is unable to attend the General meeting may run for one of the elected positions provided he is a member in good standing and has submitted a signed letter of his or her intention to accept a nomination if so nominated. His or her letter must be submitted to the Executive committee prior to the start of the elections at the General meeting, so that it may be read to the membership


Article #8         Meetings


The number for a quorum will be the same as the number of teams in the league at the time of the meeting


A – Fall meeting of the Executive


1.         Present schedule, make changes in fee structure, preliminary discussion of trophies, banquet, etc.

2.         December break, finalize trophies, banquet, etc.


B – Annual General meeting


1.         Secretary / Treasurer’s report

2.         Audit of Secretary / Treasurer’s report

3.         Election of Officers

4.         Presentation of the Secretary / Treasurer’s honorarium

5.         Presentation of the Webmaster’s honorarium

6.         Changes in the constitution and the By-Laws


C – Fall and Annual meeting


1.         Any member or team wishing to place an item for discussion on the agenda must forward same 3 days prior to the date of the meeting to the Secretary / Treasurer or the President

2.         Agenda items not submitted prior to the meeting as stated above require a majority vote of the members in attendance to place the item on the agenda after the items that have been properly submitted

3.         The added items to the agenda will be discussed provided there is sufficient time to do so. In the event there is not time to handle the additional items added to the agenda, they will be included on the agenda of the next meeting, as the first order of business

4.         In order to advance a late item that is placed on the agenda, it will require a three quarters vote of the members in attendance at the meeting to do so

D – Secretary / Treasurer Honorarium


1.         The Secretary / Treasurer will be awarded an annual honorarium of $700

2.         His or her honorarium will be paid in two installments, one of 30% to be paid by December 21st, and a second installment of 70% to be paid at the Leagues General meeting


E – The Webmaster’s Honorarium


1.         The Webmaster will be awarded an annual honorarium of $400.00 for maintenance and upkeep of League websites.

2.         His or her honorarium will be paid at the Leagues General meeting


Article #9         Rules


1·           League play will conform to the “Rules of English Billiards” as put forth by “The Billiards and Snooker Control Council”, or similar type organization1

2·           Any changes made in the above rules will be adopted at the beginning of league play each fall

3·           League times changed in 2021 season due to Covid Pandemic and venue hours. Games will be as follows, 2 hour format

·         First matches to start at 5:50 pm and finish at 7:50 pm

·         Second matches to start at 8:00 pm and finish at 10:00 pm

Exception to be Assiniboia 283 only one match will start at 5:50 pm with second & fourth match to start at 8:00 pm and finish at 10:00 pm

·           Each home team Captain or Co-Captain is to post the names of four players with their handicaps by 5:45 pm


4.         The visiting team Captain or Co-Captain is to post his or her players by 5:45 pm



5.         Play must start at the scheduled time 5:50 pm or earlier, unless there is a mutual agreement between the teams to start at a later 

6.         In all instances where there is no mutual agreement and play is delayed by one team past the scheduled start time that game(s) will be defaulted to the opposing team


7.         Affected teams may file a protest with the league Executive for defaulted games, all such protests must be submitted within 48 hours of the forfeited game(s). Failure to properly submit a protest within the prescribed time limits will disqualify one’s right to protest the defaulted game or games

8.         Each player will be allowed a 5 minute warm up after games 1 and 2 prior to commencing play for games 3 and 4

9.         Games 3 and 4 must start within 10 minutes of the completion of games 1 and 2, or 8:00 pm unless there is a mutual agreement

10.     Visiting team has choice of tables, which is to say that first and third players have the table of their choice

11.     Generally the home team is responsible for providing referee’s for all league playoff games

12.     Referees who referee league matches must be fair and impartial and uphold the standard rules and ensure fair play

13.     League games may be refereed by someone from either team or by some other person who is qualified to do so, in all cases both players must agree

14.     In the event the visiting player or the home player is opposed to having a person refereeing his or her game, he must acknowledge his or her concern before play starts. Once a referee starts a match he will continue to referee the match. Should the referee be changed during the match, the same principal as the first part of number 15 will apply.

15.     The removal of a referee during the match cannot occur unless there is mutual agreement between both players


Article #10      Handicaps


1.         New players entering the league shall be assessed a handicap of +20 or lower at the discretion of the team Captain and/or the Handicap committee

2.         If former players of the league return, they shall also be handicapped by the team Captain and/or the Handicap committee.

3.         The handicap of NEW players will increase by ten for each win and decrease by 10 for each loss.

4.         A Player’s handicap may not pass +50 unless by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting

5.         A handicap committee shall be formed consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary Treasurer and the Past President, and any Life member still active in the league. This committee is empowered to make changes in a Player’s handicap, which in their judgment they see as valid and fair

6.         Challenges to the decisions made by the Handicap committee may be made to the Handicap committee in writing by the Team Captain or Co-Captain. Such appeal must be accompanied by all the relevant facts and a statement outlining to the Handicap committee why their initial decision was wrong or unfair to the player and should be changed and amended

7.         In all instances after the Handicap committee has rendered their decision from an appeal, the committee’s ruling will be final and will only subject to review at the next General Meeting following the final ruling of the Handicap committee


Article #11      Playoffs & Trophy Play

Section A

League Playoffs


1.         Player’s handicaps as of end of regular season play

2.         Each playoff is a best of 9

3.         Four games to be played on the first night. Playoff completed on the second night

4.         Home and away series. High ranking teams have choice of home or away for first four games

5.         Choice of playoff dates to be mutually agreed upon by Team Captains

6.         Secretary / Treasurer to be notified of playoff dates and venues

7.         First and second place teams have a BYE in the first round of the playoffs. Teams finishing 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th will play with 3rd playing 6th and 4th playing 5th. The winners of this or her series then playoff with the 1st and 2nd place teams with the 1st place team playing the lowest ranked team. The winners of this series will then play for the league championship

8.         The league final championship games as well as the finals of the Lockwood, Bardal, McLean and Trinder Trophy Play, must have a neutral qualified referee who is not associated with either team or player who is partaking in the Match Final

9.         The league President in consultation with the Two Team Captain’s or their designates will be responsible for selecting and securing referee’s for the finals of the league Championship

10.     The Coordinators for each division of Trophy play will be responsible for selecting and securing qualified referees for the finals of all Trophy play


Section B

Tie Breakers


Should Two teams be tied at the end of the regular season, the tie will be broken by;

1.         The team winning the majority of games against one another during the regular season

2.         The winner of the most games in the last two rounds

3.         The winner of the most games in the last round

4.         The team with the most points in the final round

5.         A one game playoff


Section C


Should three teams tie, use one of the following procedures. Find one winner as follows and then revert to above

1.         Team winning majority of games against both teams during the regular season

2.         Team winning the majority of games in the last two rounds

3.         Team winning the majority of games in the final round

4.         High total score in the final round against both teams

5.         Coin toss

Note: This will give you one winner. The other two teams revert to above tiebreaker. Should four or five teams tie, follow a similar procedure as in above


Section D

Individual and Trophy play


1.         Four trophies at present are available for competition by individual players

2.         Players handicaps are taken as of December break

3.         A player whose handicap meets requirements for the McLean & Trinder may only play in the tournament their handicap warrants. Only players whose handicaps qualify for the Bardal & Lockwood tournaments will be allowed to play in both tournaments.

4.         Team Captains are to recommend players for the trophy competition before a set date

5.         Teams are requested to not enter the names of players who are unable or unwilling to follow the rules of the competition 

6.         Players may not enter any trophy play if they are barred entry to any member club

7.         All players to qualify for tournament play (removed restrictions Aug 2022)

8.         Trophy play Chairman/Convener shall not be a participant in the division of Trophy Play he or she is Chairman of

9.         Trophy play Chairman/Convener are to settle communication problems/disputes between players in Trophy play

Trophy play Chairman/Convener have the authority to disqualify player(s) if games in Trophy play are not played within a reasonable time, as per the schedule set by the Chairman/Convener

10.     Players should not start their next round of play in Trophy play prior to notifying the Chairman/Convener of the results of a previous match


Section E

Lockwood Trophy


The Trophy Chairman will select from the list submitted by Team Captains, top sixteen players with the highest handicaps. These players will be seeded into a straight knockout draw. Each match is a total of 500 points from scratch. All rounds to be played in one day.

Finals to be played after Christmas break.

The top named player is too contact his or her opponent and arrange a time to play that is convenient to both. First named player has choice of home or away. The responsibility of arranging the game is placed on the player at home.

Should he or she have any difficulty in arranging the game within the date set, without good reason, the Trophy Chairman can disqualify one or both players, and go on to the next round. The winner is to notify the Trophy Chairman as soon as possible


Section F

McLean, Bardal & Trinder trophies


These are handicap tournaments. Match is a home and away series of 200 points each for a total of 400 points. The number of points a player loses by in the first round is added to his or her handicap for the second game. All of the other rules as applied in the Lockwood Trophy are in effect

The place, date and time of the finals in each event will be arranged by the Trophy Chairman, in consultation with the players concerned. Finals to be played on one night. 400 points plus or minus your handicap

Bardal -55 and higher / McLean -5 to -50          /          Trinder +50 – 0 (Scratch)


Article #12      League Meetings


1.         The League President shall call the meetings. The Secretary / Treasurer shall prepare an agenda, approved by the President, and inform the members of the time and place of the meeting

2.         The League President is the Chairman of the meeting


Section A

The Chairman


1.         To open the meeting at appointed time

2.         Ensuring there is proper quorum in attendance to open the meeting

3.         To announce in proper sequence the business that comes before the meeting or becomes in order in accordance with the prescribed order of business, agenda or program

4.         to recognize members who are permitted to the floor to speak

5.         To state and to put to vote all questions that legitimately come before the meeting as motions, or that otherwise arise in the course of proceedings, and to announce the results of the votes

6.         To rule out of order motions not properly made

7.         To protect the meeting from obviously frivolous or dilatory motions by refusing to recognize them

8.         To enforce the rules relating to debate and those relating to order and decorum within the meeting, by ensuring that both sides of the issue have had an equal opportunity to address their concerns on the subject/motion under discussion

9.         To expedite business in every way compatible with the rights of the members

10.     To decide all questions of order, subject to appeal, unless when in doubt, the presiding officer prefers initially to submit such a question to the meeting for a decision

11.     To respond to members relating to Parliamentary Procedure, or factual information having a bearing on the business before the members in the meeting

12.     To declare the meeting adjourned when the meeting body so votes


Section B



1.         Arrive on time

2.         Be courteous and not speak while others have the floor

3.         address the Chair at all times

4.         Word motions/amendments carefully (prepare motions in writing beforehand if possible)

5.         To be respectful and mindful of others opinions and comments and to act in a professional business-like manner at all times during League Meetings and social gatherings put on by the League or member teams


Section C



1.         Call to order and roll call of officers and Team Captain’s/Co-Captain’s

2.         Read out all bills, communications and notices

3.         Read and accept minutes from last meeting

4.         Secretary / Treasurer’s report

5.         President’s report

6.         Honorary Life Members proposals

7.         Discussion arising from reports

8.         Old business

9.         List any New business

10.     New business from the floor

11.     Set date of next meeting

12.     Adjourn


Section D



1.         Presented by a member in good standing

2.         Must be seconded

3.         Must be presented through the Chair

4.         Presenter is first to speak on their motion 

5.         Members must speak to the motion when recognized by the Chair, and may speak only once until all others have had their turn

6.         No personalities

7.         Chairman may speak on the motion by the delegating Chair to another


Section E



1.         Same rules as motions

2.         Cannot withdraw a motion without the seconders approval

3.         Amendments should only be an attempt to improve the motion

4.         The last amendment is voted on first, and if carried, thereby defeats the previous amendment and changes the main motion to include the amendment

5.         Only one amendment on the floor at a time

6.         Tabling, postpone a vote to another specific date

7.         Should clarification of these rules be necessary, “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall be the final arbiter


Article #13      Charges and trials of a Member by a Member


1.         All charges against any league member or Executive member, which may be preferred by any member in good standing must be made in writing and forwarded to the President within 5 days of the incident. If the incident involves the President the complaint to be forwarded to the Vice President

2.         Failure to submit a charge within 5 days of the incident unless of an emergency such charge if received will be deemed inadmissible and will not be handled by the Executive

3.         Such charge shall also make specific reference to any relevant article(s) of these By-Laws that are or may be violated

4.         Upon receipt of a letter within the prescribed time limits the Executive committee along with the Life Members who are still active in the league will turn itself into a “DISPUTE RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE” and deal with the charge(s) which have been submitted to them by the President or Vice President

5.         In the event that the charge is against an Executive member or Active Life Member, or if an Executive member or Active Life Member is laying the charge(s) against another member he will recues himself/herself from the Dispute Resolutions Committee and the remainder of the committee members will handle the charge(s) 

6.         The Dispute Resolutions Committee members will arrange a meeting within Ten days from the date the charge(s) were received by the President or Vice President, wherein the charging party and the charged party must attend to present three cases. The committee will hear the complaint and ask questions they deem necessary to obtain all the facts. Each party will have a fair and reasonable time to present their position on the event that led to a charge(s)

7.         After the charge(s) have been heard the Dispute Resolutions Committee will advise within seven days the charged party, the charging parties and the League Captains of what their finding and ruling(s) are

8.         The Dispute Resolutions Committee may at its discretion access discipline, which in its mind is valid, fair and appropriate based on the incident under review

9.         Discipline may range from a letter of reprimand to a temporary suspension from League and Trophy play to and outright suspension from the league

10.     The committee after review, may award a win or a loss of the match if such charge originated from the match being played

11.     In all instances the person being charged who is assessed disciplinary action may appeal the decision of the Dispute Resolutions Committee to the Leagues Executive board. The Dispute Resolutions Committee decision remains in effect until the appeal decision is determined. Such appeal must be submitted in writing with 5 days of the Dispute Resolutions Committee decision. The League Executive board will meet within 10 days to review the appeal and decision of the Dispute Resolutions Committee. The leagues Executive board will render it’s decision on the appeal within 5 days. All decisions of the league Executive board will be final. The league Executive board will advise the team Captain of the person appealing as soon as a decision has been rendered


Article #13A Zero Tolerance (Amendment to Article 13.1 thru Article 13.11)


             We are now adopting a Zero tolerance rule when it comes to confrontations between league members on league nights or during League sanctioned tournaments or events

1. 1st offense will result in a warning from the Dispute Resolutions Committee

2. 2nd offense will result in a suspension, where the period of suspension will be determined at time of resolution

3. 3rd offense will result in expulsion from the League for life

In order to ensure the safety of our League membership and staff at the venues we play out of, we ask all that altercations be reported to Team Captain and at least one Executive member. Exception of course is it the altercation is against a Captain or Executive member.

 3A   Any physical altercations will result in immediate lifetime expulsion for the League


Article #14


1.         The rules entered herein may be revoked or amended by a majority vote of the members present at a General meeting

2.         Failure to comply with any terms of this constitution could result in suspension for the remainder of the season


Article #15      Banquet Sites


1.    Each team in the league will accept or decline a chance at hosting the League’s end of year Banquet.

2.    The Secretary / Treasurer in consultation with the leagues Executive will select a location from the Team’s submitting an acknowledgement that they would like to host the event. In all cases decision will be based on working within our budget

3.    All Venues to submit no later than Oct 31 in order to assure we can secure a venue


Article #16      Other Billiard Venues


1.         In order to help promote the league, the league Executive will have the authority to have teams play there league games at another venue other than at their home club, provided such venue is equal to or better than the home team that has been asked to play elsewhere to help promote the league

2.         No team will be asked to move venues more than once in a year, unless they voluntarily request it

3.         In the unlikely event where a team needs to play at an alternate venue due to unforeseen circumstances in their home club, the Captain of the team requiring an alternate venue will contact the Captain of the venue wishing to play at and get permission.


Article #17      League Property

Section A

League Property the Website and Trophies


1.         The league will take care of all trophies, regarding the engraving, repairs, etc. With the exception of the Bardal, which will be the responsibility of Neil Bardal incorporated

2.         All trophies are the property of the Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards league

3.         Upon the League’s written request, all property must be returned within two weeks of such written notice

4.         Trophies being returned must be in reasonable condition and cleaned, or the trophy holder will be responsible for the cost for repairs and/or cleaning

5.         Once a player accepts a trophy, they are responsible for its care and upkeep. Trophies left for display at the home club in a proper place will exclude the player’s responsibility for care and upkeep of the trophy. When returning a trophy, a cleaning of the trophy would be recommended to avoid possible charges

6.         Failure to return league property will result in immediate suspension until the league property is returned

7.         The league may use whatever legal means is necessary to obtain property owned by the league


Section B

League Property


1.         Jack Sparrow Memorial Shield

2.         Harry Lockwood Trophy

3.         Ward Tullock Trophy

4.         Jack McLean Trophy

5.         Trinder Trophy

6.         Tom Hargreaves Trophy

7.         Ken Vincent trophy

8.         Jim Simm Trophy

9.         John (Jock) Milton Trophy

10.     St. Georges Trophy

11.     Syd Spence Trophy

12.     Thomas Spearman Trophy

13.     Neil Bardal Trophy (Owned and maintained by Neil Bardal Incorporated)

14.     Constitution and By-Laws as amended August 27th, 2022 

15.     Filing cabinet and brief case containing the league’s records and minutes from current and previous year’s meetings

16.     Website located at

17.     PanAm Cup (formerly Americas’ Cup) International Tournament Trophy

18.     Vimy Ridge International Tournament Trophy

19.     WVEBL table Runner x2 (Green with WVEBL logo one end)

20.     Americas’ Cup / Vimy Ridge table runner (White with Americas’ Cup & Vimy Ridge Logos on opposite ends)

21.     PanAm Cup table runner

22.     Engraving tools in Jon Miller’s possession


Section C


1.         The Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards League hereby adopts the leagues website located at as their official website for the Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards League

2.         The website is to show the league’s and player(s) records, notifications and items of general interest to the league and it’s players. Advertising on the site may be used to help defer any costs associated with maintenance and/or upkeep and/or supplies required to maintain the website, except the program used to create the website(s) or for league approved honorariums paid for maintaining the website


This Constitution and By-Laws as amended August 27, 2022 will remain in effect until amended at a properly held meeting of the league



       ____________________           ____________________       ____________________

                President                               Vice President                  Secretary / Treasurer