Learn to Play Billiards

In our efforts to promote the game of English billiards in Winnipeg and throughout Canada, we are proposing to hold clinics for players in our local 8 ball and snooker leagues who may not be familiar with the game of English Billiards. First to take place Wednesday February 8 at Norwood Legion. 

 Please check out the “learn to play billiards” YouTube video that the Aussies produced in conjunction with the 2019 World Billiards Championships in Melbourne

 ( (With the permission of the ABSC - Australian Billiards and Snooker Council)

Hope to see more NEW players come out for our instructional nights and even join our league. 

2022-2023 Season 

Welcome back everyone. Next week Wednesday February 8, 2023 and Thursday February 9, 2023

Yes you heard correctly, we will be playing select Tuesdays, Wednesday as well as our regular Thursdays. This was to make room for players who cannot make Thursdays and the effort we need to keep our league going. 


To all Members of the Winnipeg Veterans English Billiards League, Followers and enthusiasts.

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